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. welcome to "mornings on 2". i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. >> it's monday, january 28th. >>> topping our news -- the chp is looking for witnesses to a deadly accident on a san mateo freeway. two young brothers were among the three people killed on highway 92 in foster city. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us with more on this tragic crash, the victims and the investigation. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. three brothers from redwood city were in the car that flipped not far from where we're standing. they were 12 and 16 years old. now that third brother, who is 18 years old, is clinging to life. now, this all happened about ten minutes until 10:00 last night off highway 92. that time is important to remember because if you were driving in the eastbound direction near the foster city boulevard exit, the chp needs your help. officers are looking for witnesses because they still aren't sure exactly what caused the accident. initial reports say it was a hit and run. >> i don't know how many witnesses have called in but we do urge the public to call if anybody saw w
rainfall. including downtown san jose and campbell and portions of the east south bay. right now, in livermore, a heavy pocket of rainfall that is moving over and producing .27 of an inch per hour. a good downpour coming your way that will last over the next hour, hour and a half. it's wet on interstate 280. even though it's not heavy at the current moment. it does not take much to get the road ways slick. if you are doing late night traveling, you want to take it slow on the bay area road ways. otherwise, temperatures are cooling off to 49 degrees in santa rosa and 49 in napa. more comfortable that the 20s and 30s that we had. let's go to the sky camera network. there you go, there's the storm activity. lowering cloud ceilings and improving air quality. up to palo alto, on highway 1 near university avenue, you can see cars taking it slow and the brake lights have been a lot on that view today. cars sailing by, you can see how wet the roads are and it will stay that way into part of tomorrow morning. >> next 48 hours, we are going to see some of the sub strop cal moisture slide o
this morning from white house to ban assault weapons. as kyla campbell reports vice president joe biden is taking the obama administration push for gun control on the road. >> in a few hours the vice president and other administration officials will be in richmond, virginia. they are holding a round table discussion on the white house's policy to reduce gun violence. president obama and joe biden are going around capitol hill to crisscross the country in the coming weeks. they wants to win support from people in pro gun states. the president's campaign committee turned gun safety committee is raising money now. the group is called organizing for action. it has millions of volunteers nation-wide. meanwhile democrats are trying to gain support on capitol hill after california senator dianne feinstein reintroduced a bill to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines. >> once you have been through one of these episodes, once you see what the crime scene is like, it isn't like the movies. it changes your view of weapons. >> reporter: many republicans don't think an assault weapons ban i
is introducing plans to reform immigration. as ktvu kyla campbell reports from washington, d.c. this time republicans are on board. kyla. >> reporter: yeah democratic and republican senators work together to lay out this frame work. it includes creating a tough but fair path to citizenship. they also want to reform the legal immigration system in a way that would grow our economy. the senators also propose an employment varyification if they hired illegal immigrants. they want to make sure workers come to america legally and that they are not taking away jobs that americans apply for. and the senators are unvailing details in about six hours to address the 11 million illegal immigrants in the country. one senator introinterviewed this weekend say said the pathway to citizenship is key to reforming the system. >> absolutely. americans support it. in poll after poll. second latino voters expect it. >> i will explain exactly why the gop needs it when i see you next. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. >>> time is 5:15. president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton
to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, january 29th. >>> a new twist in the allegations at a high school in vallejo. janine de la vega is live to explain why police are now getting involved in the case and the questions they still need answered. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we've learned that in the inside of the locker room is the coach's office. so the big question is was he even present? was he anywhere near that locker room when the alleged assaults happened? is he the only one that could be liable for what happened here? these are questions that police will be looking into. police only learned about what happened here last thursday. they will be interviewing students and officials at st. patrick's st. vincent's as well as officials in the archdiocese. the allegations involve attacks on six students. friday, the principal fired the varsity coach about five weeks after he reported the sexual hazing allegations to her. we have a photo of him from when he worked in the saratoga schools. he's a former police officer who played college
. sprinkles towards campbell air, monterey bay, light rain and moderate now beginning to just move into the monterey area. current temperatures, running cooler than where you are with cloud cover and rain. temperatures into 40s and 50s. rain continues overnight tonight. showers linger tomorrow morning. so cooler pattern this weekend with another possibility of rain. another system moves in. here is the system. we're continuing to see the rain and it will wind down slowly. the system continues to push east and south. early morning showers, start to see clouds moving out of the picture. tomorrow morning give yourself extra time. temperatures running on the comfortable sichld low to upper 40s. you'll need umbrellas for the morning drive then we're expecting that things will dry out. upper 60s around clear lake. down pin anyone slarks 61 in san jose. 60 degrees around half moon bay. before the monterey bay, temperatures into low to mid-60s. accu-weather forecast morning showers, then drying out friday looking fine. cooler upper 50s to low 60s and a chance of showers saturday afternoon
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tps moat qlor sports in campbell. >> this is dangerous. we don't condone it. i believe mast majority of enthusists won't condole it. >> thanks to tips investigators here believe they're closing in on some but are waiting to make arrests until they can consult with the district attorney. they want to make sure they identify which charges apply. >> laura. thank you. the family of a man shot to death last month filed a $15 million civil rights lawsuit. the 22-year-old air stylist was killed in his home. the girlfriend was heard screaming. police say he was armed with a knife and charged at responding officers but the lawsuit claims argument ended and that an officer fired in a pan crick after hearing others trip and fall behind him. >> the battle over more gun control in california took a turn today at the alcohol. lawmakers learned state investigators know about people banned from owning firearms but have them, anyway. the state isn't doing anything about it. >> agents gave a message on how firmz are unlaw envelope california and ammunition that goes with them, then, californian who's
, especially in santa teresa, campbell and also in cupertino. and speaking of warm, as we head throughout the next two days, high pressure anchored out in the pacific is going to continue to keep its lockdown on us throughout thursday, friday, even parts of saturday. no sign of any rainfall here for about 2,000 miles as that storm track lives right off into alaska. we also have this slight offshore wind tomorrow. that's going to keep it mild. and that's really what is go going to be helping us to get the temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. it's going to be warm as we head throughout thursday, but that is going to peak out through friday. santa cruz expecting 70. saratoga with 6. now here is the other side of thing. san jose only had seven days of rain in january so far with 0.69. and for january we averaged 2.81. not even a quarter of what we should have when it comes to the rainfall. event by in the seven-day forecast the chance of rain are going to be increasing. for tomorrow, 36 in santa rosa. 37 in napa. 36 in concord. 42 in fremont and san jose, with 41 in los gatos. an
. campbell, 67. los gatos 68. plenty of 60s in the east bay. 64 for pittsburgh and concord and san leandro. 65 in pleasanton. th >> 67 for petaluma 64 in napa. >> we will continue to see clear conditions for the next string of days the storm track has been guided to our north. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights the potential for cloud coverage to the weekend as we start the next work weeks. looking at temperatures that will start to drop as we introduce the potential for wet weather tuesday in to wednesday. >> we have several changes to talk about i have more details in my next report at 6:51 a.m. we have a hot spot with george. >> we are turning into a major delay in the 101 northbound direction. we have tracked this hot spot for several hours. 101 northbound a large expressway. >> let us check with michael pelton who are believed to have some progress on that he can final report upon. >> michael what is the latest? >> well, george a lot of progress made there are close to opening the freeway fully. they came and laid down a substance to soak up the diesel fuel. they
. highs into low to mid 60s up to about 64 in campbell. on the peninsula, low 60s. 62 redwood city. 63 palo alto. and upper 50s to 60s on the coast. downtown san francisco, a high of 60 tomorrow, north bay, we'll see low to mid-60s. 63 in oakland.q!p inland east bay, 63 in danville. monterey bay, mid 60 as cross the board. this pattern holds throughout the weekend. high temperatures into mid-60s throughout the weekend. and we'll see cooling on tuesday.xwçz >> excellent turks. >> coming up next, six flags discovery kingdom puts on a fox bowl. will it be niners or ravens? >> then at 4:30 a coat of paint can go do a lot to brighten the home. you know that. michael finney explains which brands to choose from. traffic it's moving nicely in both directions. stay >>> 911 tapes are giving us a sechbs frightening moments experienced by a pilot and passenger. >> the plain crash nootd hudson on sunday. >> in the water we're filling up. >> okay. >> okay. okay. >> plane is filling up. we're in the middle of huts on. >> that is 43-year-old chris schmidt, the passenger on the planeó= that took the
, campbell and all of the bay area this is abc 7 news. >>> coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, friends and family of eileen refusing to give up hope after 24 years since she was last seen. we will talk to her parents and police about the continuing and ongoing investigation. plus you saw what giants fans did after the world series. san francisco police are planning to keep it from happening again on super bowl sunday. those is stories and more coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. home you can tune in for that. rick kwan here with all of the sports. super bowl? >> more about randy moss. people still shaking their heads over randy moss' comments he should be considered the greatest receiver of all time. saying that not only distracts from the team preparation for the super bowl but also disrespects the career of hall of famer jerry rice. when asked about the controversial comment today moss didn't back off. >> what i said was what i felt and like i said, i don't want to get into a shouting match with jerry rice or anybody. i mean that is my own personal opinion. i mean the
. >> sunshine, of blue skies, a fremont at 56 campbell at 56. 574 fairfield, concord. 57 for danville and walnut creek. 59 in castro valley. >> downtown san francisco at 58 degrees. mid fifties for petaluma and navato. >> high pressure is building back in over the west coast. you will see clear skies and dry conditions for the next several days. >> looking at your extended forecast, your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast show mid to upper 60s begin on thursday. our south bay spots will be flirting with the seventies. >> ♪ i think people have put too much focus on me. i think they did not realize the other weapons we have on this team. i do not think they realize the great offensive line we have. there are a lot of other parts that do great things to make it easy on me to go out there. >> colin kaepernick begging please make it easy on me i stop focusing on me. >> when is that game? >> did you see that? show the shot of column again. i brought one of these and jumped on the bandwagon. i bought a pink one. this is the way everyone is wearing it. it does not stay like that. second my kids says
partly cloudy to mainly sunny. high tomorrow 57 san jose. 58 campbell. 57 cupertino. on the planes we see high of 56 san mateo o. 57 palo alto and mountain view and on the coast 53 pacifica. 55 at half moon bay. up to san francisco downtown 56 the high tomorrow. 54 in the sun set district. 53 daly city. up north bay we see high mainly mid 50's. a little bit higher at santa rosa and calistoga which will top out at 57 and napa at 58. on the east bay lack for high of 26 in berkeley hayward san leandro union city. inland east bay relatively cool with high in the mid 50's. 55 at antioch. 56 livermore concord, 57 at fairfield and down near monterey bay look for high in the mid 50's near the bay. see upper 50's inland. 59 at is a lean as. 58 at gilroy and holster. accu-weather 7 day forecast. cooler pattern developing tomorrow. partly cloudy on sunday. tomorrow sunday monday and tuesday we see high pressure for mess part only in the mid 50's about 54 to 55 at most locations. we'll see temperatures moderating a little bit on wednesday then by thursday of next week high in the
and even 30's. taking a look at those numbers with mid-50s today. 55 and campbell. 56 degrees expected in san jose. 50s through livermore, danville, 50s for the east bayshore. downtown san francisco and mid-50s for petaluma, novado. 50s expected in santa rosa. as we take a look at satellite & radar. not much moisture but still cool air. mild conditions but plenty of sunshine in store. >> the c h p has been issued for the northbound 280 the freeway is littered with debris. on knownot known how may people have been involved with one car that was caught fire after rolling over. three lanes are closed. meanwhile,the grace period is over. starting today, officers in san francisco will now ticket cars at expired meters. on january 6th the city initiated parking meter charges on sundays between noon and 6 p-m. but up until now, officers have only given out warnings at expired meters. now parkers run the risk of a ticket that will cost between 62 and 72 dollars. >> a large turnout saturday at a gun buyback event in san mateo county. it was so successful organizers had to open the gates early t
for sunnyvale and campbell evergreen 63, 60 in milpitas and the east bay and interior valleys upper 50s low 60s. they do not for fairfield 64 san leandro and a good mix of upper 50s low 60s and the north bay. satellite and radar picture shows it is continuing to shift its way south. showers are pushing up from the south so we could continue to see on settled weather into the afternoon and as late as tonight. pop up showers certainly a possibility and a lot of lingering clouds. keep an umbrella handy just in case. by lunchtime some light rain at the south bay and the livermore valley. most of the showers are to the east and there's certainly a possibility so be safe and not sorry. showers will continue until tomorrow and another system will drop down saturday night into sunday. this will be from the gulf of alaska so it is a completely different type of system. it well be really cool. schools hours are expected pretty widespread but nothing to organize. temperatures will be on the cooler side and mostly sunny skies headed into next week. it will feel like winter once again with temperatures just
. mountain view will be reaching 60 degrees. it will be 62 degrees in campbell. it will be upper 50's for the east bay. the north bay will have a nice day. it will be a few degrees warmer in downtown san francisco. your satellite and radar view shows that we are mostly dry in the bay area. we are seeing some counter clockwise rotation. the unsettled weather will continue for the santa clara valley. >> the temperatures will talk on in the mid 40's may be the low 50's for friday and saturday. we do have a chance for snow as we head into sunday perry ed is unsettled whether from the gulf of alaska perry ed you can expect is for saturday and sunday. there will be a lot cool air that will be associated with the system. >> he is a phenomenal player and he has been doing this longer than anyone in the leak. >ague. >> i will not be intimidated. i am just going out to play. this is what a linebacker is supposed to be. this is the intensity of the game. it >> kaepernick was giving promps to ray lewis. >> he told everyone not to get near the trophy. he told them to get it out of here. >> he feel
will be in the same boat. mid to upper 50s. campbell 56. the same for mountain view. upper 50s and fremont. another cold day we will hold on to breezy conditions a high clouds will continue to stream through. we will be mostly sunny. fairfield at 59. 57 concord. into the north bay warmer than yesterday's potentially. napa at 62. navao at 55. downtown san francisco and a degree warmer. 57 in berkeley. >> satellite and radar shows clouds streaming in we are clear for the coastline that is unusual for the bay area. the clouds we see are impacting our inland spots. that will linger for the morning hours. sunshine and clear skies by later today. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows springlike conditions over the next couple of days. temperatures will jump between five and 10 degrees. >> low '70's a little to our south. partly cloudy conditions into saturday and sunday. >> 810 to 20 percent chance of rain and we could continue with a lingering showers as a stock the next work week. >> the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza during all right. it is not a hot spot. most of the traffic a maj
and walnut creek. 35 and concord. >> low for is for everyone in the south bay. campbell at 34 degrees. >> satellite and radar picture shows clear skies. a dry weather will persist of the bay area. we do have changes to talk about into the middle of next week. details on what to expect and you will need an umbrella in my next report. >> thank you erica. let us move to 49er coverage we are three days away from superbowl sunday. let us find out the latest in a new orleans. will tran arrived at yesterday's. earlier your report from the team hotel are you still there? >> i am still there. they just wrapped up media day behind me the tables and chairs. the players came out and had a chance to talk to the media. more importantly we ask them questions. before yesterday's not many people came to chris call for stable. if he is the quarterback for the san francisco 49ers-desk risk culliver . >> if he came out saying he would not like a gay person in the locker room in the nfl. all of a sudden this has exploded. the coach comments on it. so many people around this table photographers were pushin
's also delivering a -- delivering alpha conference guest speaker and charles campbell is executive director at mkm partners. barry's going to be with us for a couple hours. so i'll start with you, charles. are you a believer in the recent action that we've seen in the equity markets, and do you think it's going to continue, or has it already gone too far? >> good morning, joe. thanks for having me. i am a believer in the equity action. and here's why. economic conditions in the united states and elsewhere in emerging markets, specifically china, are not only stable but continue to improve. the forward moving average on initial claims is at a low not seen since march 2008. the ten-year treasury hit a 2% yield yesterday and that's a good sign for investors, not a bad sign. if it were there for the wrong reasons, higher cost pressures, higher inflation, stagflation, that would be a concern. but that's not the issue here. the issue here is treasury yields are moving higher because of good economic data and that's consistent with the market moving higher. i mean if you look back in the
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